She studied philosophy, dance & theatre studies in Bologna University (master degree with honors 2011) and Paris 8 Université. Her theoretical research has been strongly influenced by the french school, in particular by the professor and rolfer Hubert Godard.

She had an indipendent education in contemporary dance, improvisation and voice research through classes, seminars and workshops, influenced by an anarchic practice of somatic technics.

In 2010 she attends the two years Choreographic and Dance Research program PEPCC in Lisbon (Forum Dança), working with Lisa Nelson, Vera Mantero, Loic Touzé, Jennifer Lacey, Meg Stuart, Steve Paxton among others. There she starts her own artistic research and creates the solos Outspoken (coached by Vera Mantero), A Dance For #1 (coached by Loic Touzé), the video Lou Reed, and the performance Unfilled/for with Valentina Parlato.

In the last years she has been working as freelance performer for the choreographers and theater cie.: Cristina Rizzo (HAHA, No tengo dinero), Motus (Nella tempesta), Michele di Stefano (Impressions d’afrique, Clima, Academy Awards), F.Menni/Teatrino Clandestino (Open Option), Romeo Castellucci (Uso Umano di Esseri Umani, Giudizio Possibilità Essere), Jerome Bel (Compito 2, Biennale Danza 2014), Accademia degli Artefatti (Nollywood).

In Italy she creates the performances Mappature Anatomiche (2010), Visitors (2013), Today is a sunny day (2013), Appunti sparsi per un Ninfale low-fi (2013) , Huhuhu (2014) with Cristina Addis, group can-I.

She is now collaborating with the choreographer Glen Caci for the piece KK, and working on new projects of her own.

Certified yoga teacher since 2011 (RYT200), she practice Yi quan since 2010.

In february 2015 she will graduate as biodinamic craniosacral therapist.

She speaks Italian, English, French, Portuguese and understands Spanish.



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